Blind people have no vision of such things as a movie, a painting  or a photograph. If they ask someone to describe them any of the above ,based on the description, they will try to recreate it in their minds by using  their imagination. Their  imagination is the creator and not the actual picture. The picture is the basis from where they create something close to the original but new in their minds.Their imaginary picture may actually  be close to the orginal but it wont surely be the same.However they’ll create an image based on someones description and through that mental image they construct they are able to draw emotions like sadness,pleasure,nostalgia and serenity.The fact that they are blind means that all their other emotions are heightened as happens with blind people.As a result,with all the emotions heightened and with a mental image that can’t be affected by vision but  is created mainly by the personal phantasy  of whoever creates it,someone may be able to see clearer and closer  to his own personal truth when he is blind.The images a blind man constructs  are unaffected and more self centered.They arise from his own reality,a reality more pure and true.So, a blind man may actually be able to feel more and stronger things that someone who has his vision.Vison sometimes disturbes the sentiments.For example,when you listen to music with your eyes open you wont feel the same as when you feel with your eyes closed.Maybe  this happens because with your eyes closed you isolate yourself from everything around you and you concentrate on what you hear.Me myself when at a concert or a bar,everytime I close my eyes I feel the rhythm better and so I dance better than with my eyes open.Vision do not only disturb the sense of hearing but the sense of feeling too.Sex is a whole different thing if you do it with your eyes closed.With  eyes open you concentrate on the visual image of your partner whereas with eyes closed you concentrate  more on what you actually feel at the time,on touch and on the connection between you and your partner.

Moreover vision also influences  our idea of ourselves and others.Our optimism is highly dependent  on the visual image of ourselves;if you see yourself in the mirror and you think you look beatiful then you actually feel beautiful and happy and because of that feeling everyone else sees you as beautiful.I wonder how it would be like if no mirrors existed.Then if someone told you once that you are beautiful then maybe you would have felt and been beautiful  until someone told you differently.Something  that could not happen so easy because you would have had a good energy.Finally also remember that when we kiss we close our eyes and when we eat something delicious  sometimes we close our eyes and say ‘mmm’.We also close our eyes when we have an orgasm.

To capitalize,what I’m saying is not that being blind is good but that we should be careful of the delusions of vision and sometimes first feel,hear and think and then see.We should not connect vision with reality,we should not only see and not think but maybe think and not see.


*ο πίνακας του Pablo Picasso ”Blind man”