A vision’s answer to routine

A vision’s answer to routine

With casual eyes, the scenery bleak

in realism do not sanity seek

but choose pure fantasy instead

for then some things are more content

is it a dream cause all seem real?

I feel air coming from rear

the eyes now open and I can see

one big giant eating the sea

and on his head..sprouts a strange new world

different of what..you and I ‘ve been told

up top is soil, below sky and cloud

the whole thing is upside down

fish with feet are on the ground

discussing politics with a mermaid clown

and the clown’s hair made of worms

eaten from trees who then turn gold

and up these trees dwarfs climb fast

wandering souls trying to catch

alas! one achieves a soul to ride

he comes at me..and scratches my eye

it is as if..he wants to say

wake up fool, long lasts the day!